Since 1969 AvtechTyee has been a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of electronic systems for the aerospace industry, with a focus in five product groups: Communications, Power Lighting and Control, Electro-Mechanical, Switches and Connectors and Indicators. AvtechTyee’ s products are flying onboard 42 aircraft types within the air transport, regional commuter, and business jet sectors, serving 450 customers in 49 countries of the world.  Our versatility in supporting your aerospace electronics requirements ranges from the custom design and manufacturing of complex power supplies to complete Digital Audio Systems. The innovative design teams at AvtechTyee help anchor our competitive edge in this industry as we offer a broad range of system solutions and a proven ability to design and manufacture equipment requiring power conversion, digital electronics, and software capabilities.  AvtechTyee is certified to ISO9001, AS9100 and the FAA’s ACSEP. Product Support includes in-house repair services (FAA approved Repair Station #IG6R621N), loaner/exchange programs, and both in-house and offsite airline training.  AvtechTyee manages one of the finest supply chains in the aerospace industry, ensuring the delivery of the three tenets of our promise to you – quality, dependability and performance. Our qualified suppliers are the equal of our customers – they are the best.

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  1. Our Products

    Our Audio products range from cutting edge fully digital flight deck audio systems to highly adaptable passenger address and cabin interphone systems.

    Our AE business unit includes our high-performance lighting products, ranging from our patented electronic ballasts to complete cargo lighting solutions used on military transport aircraft, such as the C- 17 and C-5, power converters and conditioners, as well as complex electronic measurement and control systems.

    Our Tyee products perform a wide range of duties, from transferring pilot input to the aircraft’s flight control surfaces and data recorders, to securing major aircraft structures such as floor beams. We are also a world leader in the design and
    manufacture of light control rods, interior payload support tie rods and engine load bearing struts and braces for the aerospace industry.

  2. Our Capabilities
  3. Customer Service

    General Inquires
    Kelli Kruse

    Structures Products
    Julie Kunz

    Audio and Avionics Products
    Brandi Rodstrom


  4. Technical Support

    Our Product Support organization is tasked with all aspects of support needed for the aviation community. AvtechTyee provides 24-hour AOG support, repair training, technical publications preparation and distribution, field service engineering, and data recording and trend analysis.

    For Technical Support:
    Phone: 425.290.3100

Visiting AvtechTyee HQ

Our offices are located in Everett, Washington, near Paine Field.  This is approximately 25 miles north of Seattle.  Seattle is a study in contrasts, from popular tourist attractions like the Space Needle at the home of the 1962 World’s Fair, to the Pike Place Market with its flying fish and amazing bazaar atmosphere, the stunning Elliott Bay waterfront, numerous charming neighborhoods, and breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery.  If you’re bringing family or just want to get out and see some of the reasons why people from all over the world travel to Seattle, be sure to include the waterfront, Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Center with its Space Needle and Experience Music Project rock museum, the floating bridges, the arboretum, the Ballard locks, and the view of the city and Mount Rainier from Queen Anne hill.   Seattle boasts one of the largest assortments of excellent restaurants for its size. Every type of cuisine is available in presentations from nouveau to haute gourmet, with every ethnic style in abundance. If you’re looking for unique Seattle seafood, you might try Ivar’s Salmon House, right down from our offices. Depending on the time of year, you might want to catch a Mariners MLB baseball game at Safeco Field, a Seahawks NFL football game at Century Link Field or a Seattle Storm WNBA basketball game at Key Arena, or any of the other professional sports played in our fair city.

      • Silver Cloud Inn Mukilteo                                                        425-423-8600
      • Hilton Garden Inn North/Everett                                           866-267-9053
      • Staybridge Suites North-Everett                                             866-272-4856
      • Inn at Port Gardner                                                                   866-264-5744
      • TownePlace Suites by Marriott Everett/Mukilteo                 866-281-6817
      • Residence Inn Lynnwood                                                         425-771-1100

Brief History of Our Company


Tyee introduces the first folding vinyl door assembly for Pan Am 707 to separate first class from coach cabins.


Avtech becomes incorporated and develops their first audio system, located in Seattle, Washington.


Tyee moves to a new design/manufacturing facility at the Snohomish County Airport, running 3-production shifts and supplying parts for commercial and military aircraft.


Avtech begins design, development, and manufacture of audio and other electronic systems for the aerospace industry.


Avtech certifies the 778-1 potable water transducer to measure water levels in the new 747 aircraft.


Avtech supports the B52 program by designing weapon systems backup battery chargers, camera view-port de-fogger/de-icers and magnetic ballast systems for interior lighting.


Tyee begins building detail mechanical parts for Bell Helicopter, Boeing B1-A, Fairchild A-10 and McAir F-15.


Avtech introduces the 1500vac DC-to-AC inverter, an Over-Voltage detector, and Over-Current detector and various radio tuning products for Cessna.


Tyee starts producing aerospace parts for the European marketplace for Saab, and Fokker aircraft. Business also expands for Lockheed, Gulfstream Business Jets, and Boeing’s B1-B.


Avtech introduces the first multiplexing audio system installed into the deHavilland Dash-8.


Avtech introduces the multiplexing audio system in the air transport sector, with first delivery for the Boeing 737-300 (multiplexing used today with ASIC design technology).


Avtech introduces the first fully digital audio system installed into the Saab 2000 aircraft (later introduced into the Boeing 777 aircraft).


Avtech introduces the Universal Electronic Ballast system for aircraft interior lighting, used on all Boeing commercial transport aircraft and in the McDonald Douglass C17 Cargo lighting.


Tyee acquires Technical Airborne Components (TAC) in Belgium, a manufacturer of control, structural and system rods for commercial aircraft, regional and business jet, helicopter, military and space programs


Tyee receives contract for composite structural rods for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner.


Avtech introduces the world’s first Avionic Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX) audio system for the Boeing 787.


Tyee moves design and manufacturing into a new facility adjacent to Boeing’s wide-body plant to facilitate increased production and the addition of carbon fiber rod production.


Avtech and Tyee agree to merge.


The two companies physically co-locate in Everett, Washington. One AvtechTyee Quality Management System is created and certified to ISO-9001-2008 and AS9100 Revision C.


AvtechTyee Quality Management System is revised to comply with AS9100 Revision D.

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