About Transicoil

About Transicoil

Transicoil LLC is a leader in the development and manufacture of liquid crystal displays (LCD’s) and liquid crystal display modules (LCDM’s) with over 60 years of experience providing highly engineered products to Aerospace and Defense customers around the world.  Our expertise is in Fixed Segment LCD Displays, LCD Modules, and various Gauges that can include housings, drive electronics, backlighting and other features.  Our safety, quality, and delivery focus ensures that our customers receive products that meet the demanding performance, reliability, price, and technology requirements of our industry.  Transicoil components and assemblies appear worldwide in vital Aerospace and Defense applications where high quality, reliability and value are essential.  We are also known for our precision clocks and chronometers used in various Aerospace applications.

Transicoil seeks to offer the utmost in customer service, technological advances and responsiveness.  We maintain the ability to supply standard and custom products, as well as be innovative with new products for specific uses, in demanding applications around the world.   Our customers turn to us for design, development, repair, and service of instrumentation, LCD’s, indicators, clocks and more.  We are building on the strengths of several legacy businesses to develop more products and address more customer needs than we have ever done before.

Transicoil Contact Information
9 Iron Bridge Drive
Collegeville, PA 19426

Toll free 800-323-7115
Local: 484-902-1100
Fax – 484-902-1150

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