Avtechtyee Repair Services

Factory Repair Station

We Only Use Approved Genuine AvtechTyee
Parts in Our Repairs

AvtechTyee is committed to providing superior products that fully live up to our customers’ expectations for Quality, Dependability and Performance. We also understand the necessity of providing our customers with world-class product support for the life of the product and for as long as the aircraft is flying.  As a result, we offer comprehensive repair and overhaul of all AvtechTyee manufactured equipment. Our repair turnaround time is 14 days or less for most repairs.

The process for all repair requests is as follows:

1. Please call us at 425.290.3100 to obtain an RMA number.
2. Once you have obtained an RMA number please send your repairs to:

AvtechTyee Repair Station
6500 Merrill Creek Parkway
Everett, WA 98203 USA

3. Please Include the following in the box:
___a. All products(s) to be repaired
___b. A complete listing of the products in the box including any documentation
___c. Write the RMA number on the product listing AND on the outside of the box

Authorized Repair Stations

South America

Vascom Avionicos, Ltda.
Services Embraer equipment
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vasco Marques, Manager
Phone/Fax: 55.21.2595.8568


TOPCAST Aviation Services Limited (TASL)
Established in 2005 at the “Heart of Asia” – Hong Kong, Topcast Aviation Services Limited (TASL) has thrived by providing customers with efficient and cost-saving products and services in Asia’s fast-growing aviation market.  TASL is a HKCAD approved HKAR-145 repair station with the scope in categories C3 (Comms & Nav), C5 (Electrical Power) and C6 (Equipment)


Click here for FAA, CAAC, CAAP, HKCAD, and EASA approvals

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