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AvtechTyee is committed to providing superior products that fully live up to our customers’ expectations for Quality, Dependability and Performance.  We also understand the necessity of providing our customers with excellent product support for the life of the product and for as long as the aircraft is flying.  As a result, we offer comprehensive repair and overhaul of all AvtechTyee manufactured equipment. Our repair turnaround time is 14 days or less for most repairs.

The process for all repair requests is as follows:

1. Complete this Repair Authorization form below.

2. Print 2 copies of the PDF generated from our Repair Authorization form, placing one inside the box, and one affixed to the outside of the box so the QR code is visible.

3. Please confirm the following in the box/shipping container:

  • All products(s) to be repaired
  • A complete listing of the products in the box including any documentation
  • A copy of the Repair Authorization form

4. Ship to:

AvtechTyee Repair Station
6500 Merrill Creek Parkway
Everett, WA 98203 USA
+1 425-290-3100

5. (optional, but recommended) Email repairstation@avtechtyee.com with AWB tracking for your shipment, referencing the Repair Authorization number

RMA Form

    Part # Information

    Customer Information

    Bill To Information

    Ship To Information

    The RMA request will take 6o-90 seconds to process. Please do not click the send button again or navigate away from this page. If you do the requested RMA will not process and you will need to start over. Thank you.

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