Resumption of Operations

Resumption of Operations

AvtechTyee, Inc. is located in Everett Washington, USA, which has experienced a serious outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In support of the health and safety of our employees and the community, we temporarily closed our facility on March 30th. After performing a deep cleaning of our factory, and further modifying workstations in support of social distancing, we have resumed operations today, April 13th. Shipping, receiving and manufacturing activities have restarted on our normal workweek schedule. We continue to have some staff working from home, but we expect that our response times will return to normal levels for customer inquiries.

In the interest of supporting our employees’ health and encouraging suppression of disease transmission, we are not allowing any visitors, both from suppliers and customers. If you have a specific request that would normally be resolved by a visit, please contact me, or your account manager here at AvtechTyee, and we can work together to find the best accommodation.

We are actively engaging our sub-tier suppliers, and will promptly notify any customers that may be impacted if we discover emergent risk factors or changes in material availability. To date, we have not identified any specific risks, and have flowed down to our sub-tiers “essential business” status confirmation, as applicable, to support their continued operations.

We hope that all of you continue to remain in good health, and that we can soon turn the corner in this global battle that affects everyone.

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