AvtechTyee launches a new website

Everett, WA– AvtechTyee, a leading designer and manufacture of aerospace audio, avionic and structural has launched a new corporate website. The new website reflects the spirit of the company and the changes of the aerospace industry that is constantly moving forward. “The new website is intended to readily communicate our value proposition of providing exceptional products and world-class services to our aviation partners. “It has been designed to make it easier for customers, distributors, and employees to access vital and current information about AvtechTyee products, services and technologies.” said Ken Kates, Director of Sales and Marketing. The new website has in-depth technical information on audio, avionic, and structural aerospace products and provides vast technical support for aviation engineers and technicians. “The new site gives us the ability to provide timely communications and updates on new products and services available from AvtechTyee, our new online face includes increased functionality and ease of navigation. The new website has the ability for customers to access vital information through the Technical Support portal. We listened carefully to the needs of our customers. Every aspect of our website, from the technology to the user experience, has been considered. The new site has been designed to promote speed, functionality, and ease of use.” , added Kates. The site is also mobile responsive and functions well with either a phone or tablet device.

About AvtechTyee:
Since 1969 AvtechTyee has been a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of electronic systems for the aerospace industry, with a focus in three product groups: Audio, Avionics and Structures. AvtechTyee products are flying onboard 42 aircraft types within the air transport, regional commuter, and business jet sectors, serving 450 customers in 49 countries of the world. Our versatility in supporting aerospace electronics requirements ranges from the custom design and manufacturing of complex power supplies to complete Digital Audio Systems. AvtechTyee is certified to ISO9001, AS9100 and the FAA’s ACSEP. Product Support includes in-house repair services (FAA approved Repair Station #IG6R621N), loaner/exchange programs, and both in-house and offsite airline training.

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